Partnering Opportunities

We would love to partner with local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in this project. Together, we can help dispel myths related to cancer by education our fellow community members about cancer.

If your organization is up for the challenge, we invite you to be our supporting partner by signing up at least seven people to learn about cancer in this event. This partnership invitation doesn’t require you to contribute financially. We are here to support each other and the community.

Supporting organizations that bring 7 or more attendees to the event will receive the following benefits:

  • The supporting organization’s name will be announced as supporting partner during the event,
  • The organization’s logo and name will be displayed on a slide show during the event,
  • The supporting organization will be able to place its flyers or other marketing materials in attendee packet during the event,
  • The organization’s name will be included as supporting partner on the event website for a month,
  • Supporting partners will be announced on our Facebook page and their logo and business descriptions posted on our Facebook page.

Download the attendee registration form. Please submit the completed form to Bryli Blankenship,